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Saturday Survey: Dog Cloning

rp_Saturday-Survey-Graphic-350x2331-350x233-350x233-350x2331-350x233-350x233-350x233-350x233-350x233.jpgBarbra Streisand recently announced in a Variety interview that she had cloned her Coton de Tulear Samantha by removing some skin from her tummy and some DNA from her cheek just before Sammie died. The result was four puppies, one of whom died, and one who was given away to a close friend.

Streisand now shares her life with Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett, as well as an unrelated dog named Miss Fanny. She says, You can clone the look of a dog, but you can’t clone the soul. Still, every time I look at their faces, I think of my Samantha…and smile.

Not everyone thinks cloning is ethical. Some say it messes with what should only be the purview of God. What say you?

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Kayla’s DNA is in!

If you’ve been following along, you know I submitted some of her cheek cells to determine her breed.  The results came today!!!  Now, make a drum roll sound….

She is a true Heinz 57 dog.  The majority of her DNA comes from a German Shepard, as we expected.  The next biggest contributor is Rottweiler, also a popular guess.  She also has some Bulldog, Bull Terrier, and a bit of Spaniel.  I still don’t understand the upturned tail, but maybe that’s what happens when you get a crazy mixed-up dog. 

The vendor, BioPet, issues a certificate showing various levels of DNA.  Level 1 indicates that at least 75% of the total DNA comes from a particular breed, while Level 5 shows breeds that contribute less than 10%.  Kind of cool.  If you’re curious about your dog, there are worse ways to spend $65. 

Thanks to those of you who submitted guesses on Kayla’s breed.  

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Good day, and good dog!

The Continuing Saga of Kayla’s DNA

If you’ve been following along, you know that I sent away my “mutt”, Kayla’s DNA to try to find out what breed(s) she is.  Unfortunately, I apparently didn’t get a good enough sample the first time, so I have had to re-do the sample.  Just mailed it back in today, so there’s still time to get your votes in.  What’s your guess as to what she is?  See her picture here and post your guess below.  No prizes, just good clean fun.

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Good day, and good dog!

Kayla’s Dog DNA Update

Loyal readers will remember I sent away Kayla’s DNA to see what she is made of on June 29th.  I received an e-mail last week stating that my order had been received and was in process.  Before the results are in, any guesses?  She has the coat of a German Shepherd, but a curled tail like a Huskie or Chow.  She’s just a bit bigger than my Golden Retriever.  Also, she is on the aggressive side.  We saw her mom, who I thought looked a lot like a Border Collie.  From her picture above, what would you say?