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Hero Dog Awards: Harley

Another border collie with a purpose.  Harley provides ears for his human.  When the doorbell rings or the smoke alarm goes off, or even if the oven timer says dinner is ready, Harley alerts his friend to the sound and makes her follow him to the source.

Nancy says she is now able to relax because Harley hears the traffic sounds when they are out walking, helping to keep her safe.

Congratulations to Harley!

Hero Dog Awards: Sage

Congratulations to Sage for winning the Hero Dog Award in the search and rescue category.  She has worked in Iraq, doing both search and rescue work and therapy work for the soldiers.

She actually found the body of one of the terrorists at the Pentagon on 9/11.

She is a beautiful border collie – tons of energy!  However, she developed cancer after working around some of the toxins at the Pentagon and in Iraq.   She now goes to kids’ cancer camp to provide comfort to kids who are similarly afflicted.

Way to go Sage!

Hero Dog Awards: Salute to 9/11 Search & Rescue Dogs

Many of the handlers who worked with search and rescue dogs on 9/11 are being interviewed for a piece introduced by Peter Fonda.

A bomb detection dog who worked at the towers every day was left in his kennel (because he wasn’t a search & rescue dog) when the towers collapsed.  His handler later carried his body out.  Very sad.

I remember at the time when these dogs were all injuring their paws, but wouldn’t stop looking for survivors.  The dogs just kept going.

One of the handlers now reports that the dogs were 25% search dogs and 75% therapy dogs – they did so much to give hope to all of the people who were working at the site.

Over 300 dogs served on September 11th.  Many of them have since passed on, and they are showing a photo album honoring them.  Big lump in my throat now!


Hero Dog Awards: Bino

Bino served active duty in Iraq, and has now “retired” to work training other dogs to help soldiers who have PTSD.  What a great job for a dog!

Bino demonstrates to other dogs the skills they will need to help their soldiers such as getting onto escalators.

Happy veterans day to Bino and all of our other military dogs.  (Oh, and the human vets, too!)



Hero Dog Awards: Stacy Mae

Stacy Mae is the winner in the therapy dog category.  She is such a happy dog, as she brings joy to nursing homes, h0spitals, and schools.

She has a teddy bear project – collecting them and giving them out at children’s hospitals and nursing homes.  They have collected over 2,000 teddy bears, and at one point shut down the local post office because they were overflowing with bears and had no room to sort mail!