Hero Dog Awards: Salute to 9/11 Search & Rescue Dogs

Many of the handlers who worked with search and rescue dogs on 9/11 are being interviewed for a piece introduced by Peter Fonda.

A bomb detection dog who worked at the towers every day was left in his kennel (because he wasn’t a search & rescue dog) when the towers collapsed.  His handler later carried his body out.  Very sad.

I remember at the time when these dogs were all injuring their paws, but wouldn’t stop looking for survivors.  The dogs just kept going.

One of the handlers now reports that the dogs were 25% search dogs and 75% therapy dogs – they did so much to give hope to all of the people who were working at the site.

Over 300 dogs served on September 11th.  Many of them have since passed on, and they are showing a photo album honoring them.  Big lump in my throat now!


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