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Unclaimed Pets After Superstorm Sandy


I had previously saved a link to this video in my e-mail, intending to post it soon after it appeared on NBC News last January. At the time, 136 pets were in need of placement before the emergency shelter was closed. However, the e-mail somehow got buried and I just found it the other day, so I sent a note to the ASPCA in New York City to find out how they were doing on placing pets who had been abandoned or lost when Sandy hit the east coast.
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Hurricane Sandy Update: It’s Raining Cats and Dogs in NYC

Anyone know where the expression “raining cats & dogs” came from? In the middle ages when they had thatch roofs, cats and dogs would make their beds on the roof of the house. When it rained, they often slid off into the street. Now you know!

On a more serious note, if you are impacted by Sandy and need help with your pets, check out this Facebook page.

Sending good thoughts & hugs to those on the East coast. Stay safe!

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