Top Ten Tuesday: Most Destructive Dogs

September 16, 2008 · Print This Article

UK pet insurance provider Esure recently surveyed 3,000 dog owners, finding that up to 66% of pet owners end up filing claims for damage done to their homes by their dogs.  The biggest issues were soiled carpets, scratched floors, and chewed door frames, followed closely by clothing and furniture damage.


Owners reported that most damage occured, as you might expect, while their dogs were just puppies, but some have had problems during the whole lifetime of their dogs.


Based on the average cost of the insurance claims, Esure came up with a list of the most destructive dogs.  (The average cost of the claim is shown in parenthesis following the breed.)


10. Beagle ($712)

9.  Boxer ($719)

8.  Dachshund ($792)

7. Bulldog ($794)

6. English Setter ($863)

5. Whippet ($924)

4. Bassett Hound ($1004)

3. Mastiff ($1043)

2. Chihuahua ($1136)

1. Great Dane ($1193)


Next week:  The ten least destructive dogs, based on the same survey.


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4 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Most Destructive Dogs”

  1. JoAnn C. on September 17th, 2008 2:44 pm

    I can’t see myself submitting a claim to my insurance company for damage done by MY dog in MY house. If I made a claim every time he scratched a floor my insurance premium would be higher than my mortgage!

  2. Sherry on September 17th, 2008 10:20 pm

    It made me laugh, just a little, to see Beagle in there since I just cleaned up an entire shredded roll of toilet paper off the bathroom floor. I guess it looked like a fun toy to my little Beagle puppy.

    I agree with the previous commenter though, it seems odd to file for something your own dog does in your own home.

  3. Kelly Wright on December 6th, 2008 9:35 pm

    I agree that beagles are unintrusive and peaceful, but if there are things conveniently placed for playing with, chances are almost any dog won’t miss the possibility to have some fun while nobody is looking at him ;)

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