Holiday Gifts for Dogs

It's that time of year again, and recent polls show that at least half of us will be buying gifts for our dogs. So, what does your dog really want? Those in the know say these are the most popular gifts for dogs.

Pomeranian dog posing with gifts
Toys and treats are just some of the gifts available for dogs.

Plush Toys

Plush is always a favorite, whether your dog likes to carry them around, cuddle with them, rip them apart, or squeak them. Plush toys are available to suit nearly all tastes. If you're a sports fan, you can often get plush in the shape of various balls or to commemorate your favorite team. If you like a particular animal, stuffed animals come in all shapes and forms. If your tastes run to the kitschy, there are toys shaped like Tootsie Rolls, rolled-up newspapers, and rubber duckies. Does your dog have a favorite food? Never fear - there are plush toys shaped like bones, steaks, pork chops, and even cats.

If you're tired of coming home to a bedroom filled with "snow" from the stuffing of toys, there are plush toys available that are just the skin of the toy. Doctors Foster and Smith's web site has toys called Skinneez that are the shell of the toy with no stuffing. According to their product descriptions, the toy contains two squeakers and the flattened shape feeds your dog's prey drive because it resembles how a cornered animal might slink along the ground. These animals can be washed and dried in your machine if the dog likes to take them outside and roll around in the mud with them.

Specifically for the holidays, there are plush toys that look like candy canes, Santa Claus, dreidels, menorahs, and other festive shapes. J-B Wholesale Pet Supply has a whole section dedicated to Hanukkah.

Dog tugging on a red scarf
A tug toy is a great gift for a dog that enjoys tug-o-war.

Tug Toys

Few things are more fun for your dog than a good old-fashioned game of tug-o-war. Used to be that you would just cut off the legs of your jeans when you got holes in the knees and you'd have a great tug toy for your dog, but now that ripped jeans are the height of fashion, you might have to actually buy a commercially-made toy for your dog. Usually, tug toys are made either from rope or from bungee material.

Best Friends General Store (owned by frequent blog commenter Candy Blakeslee) has a huge selection of unique toys, including some cute tugs. One specifically for the holidays is made of bungee material and shaped like Christmas tree lights. For year-round fun, they have Wacky Worm bungees and a Caterpillar toy with rope legs.


The category of "treats" covers a wide variety of items from cookies to rawhide chews to pig ears to people food. encourages you to remember that dogs are allergic to many of the foods we eat over the holidays including chocolate, garlic, onions, and grapes. However, many other special holiday foods are just perfect for your dog and can be given to him or her without any hesitation.

Waggy Tail Treats has a wide variety of cookies in many holiday shapes for your favorite Christmas hound. They also carry carob cakes your dog may enjoy.

Dog treats tied up in ribbon
Dog treats are sure to please any dog.

Dog Treat Warehouse has bones, bully sticks, stuffed shins, and many other options to satisfy the need for a crunchy chew.

Dog Supplies has a huge inventory of specialty snacks including those meant to improve your dog's joint health and breath.


Want to dress your dog up for the holidays, maybe for a picture with Santa, for a special holiday gathering, or for a play or pageant? Or if you live in a cold, snowy place, you might want to purchase boots for your dog.

Michi Pet has scarves, dresses, tank tops, neck ties, sweaters, coats, bandanas, and hats for both Christmas and Hanukkah. For you fans of the Grinch, there are numerous places you can buy antlers for your dog. Just please don't make him pull a sled down a mountain cliff!

Bulldog dressed as Rudolph
If costumes are your dog's thing, consider getting him a Rudolph outfit.

Pup'N'Stuff carries Santa suits - including the beard! - and an entire reindeer outfit if you want more than just the antlers.

Ruff Wear carries a selection of boots to help your dog keep his or her footing on the slippery slopes, including liners to keep them warm. For the hunters in the crowd, Cabella's carries neoprene boots for your dog to provide protection for legs, ankles, and paws. They are bright orange for your dog's safety.

Finally, Pet Boots takes into account the fact that dogs get into all sorts of things. Their boots promise to protect from harsh road chemicals, hot pavement or sand, gravel, snow and ice balls, and cactus spines. If you have wood floors, boots can help your dog get his footing and keep the dog's claws from scratching the floor. In addition, boots may be used to keep the dog from scratching at a wound or from scratching the people you love.


Even though collars, leashes, and ID tags serve an important function, there's no reason they have to be plain! Whether your tastes run to jewels, leather, or fun patterns on conventional nylon, you can find what you're looking for in several places.

Bark Bling has a wide selection of Christmas-themed merchandise.

Coastal Pet Products has a selection of Christmas-themed collars and toys, as well as jingle bells you can attach to your dog's collar for a festive sound when he moves around.

Dog Tag Art features artistically-designed ID tags for your dog to keep safe as well as stylish.

Doggie Bling and Things has hair accessories, collar pendants, visors and just about anything else you might want for the dog who has everything else. They even have Swarovski crystal hair pins and tiaras for your little princess.

Many of these sites currently have low-cost or free shipping if you purchase a minimum amount of their merchandise, so keep searching until you find the best value for your buck.

All of us at wish you and yours a very happy holiday season and a blessed new year.

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