Bottled Water for the Dogs

Flavored Water for Fido!
You can’t just reach into the fridge at 7-11 and grab a regular ‘ol bottled water anymore. There seem to be more flavors of water these days than kinds of pop. Jumping on the latest trend is a new brand from Colt Beverages, Inc. called Fortifido, variety of bottled, flavored goodness for you dog.

The bottle water for Fido comes in four flavors, each full of vitamins and minerals to supplement your dog’s food nutritional plan.

The four Fantastic Fortifido Flavors are:

  • HEALTHY BONES: (Peanut Butter Flavored) Formulated with Calcium added to help maintain healthy bones in adult dogs.
  • FRESH BREATH: (Spearmint Flavored) With Spearmint added for fresh breath for all stages of life.
  • HEALTHY JOINTS: (Lemongrass Flavored) Formulated with Nutrients added to to help maintain healthy joints in adult dogs.
  • HEALTHY SKIN: (Parsley Flavored) Formulated with Zinc added to help maintain healthy skin for all stages of life.

Fortifido will be available at retailers soon.

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