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Tasty RewardsSeveral of you have commented about serving your dog healthy food, whether it be a premium commercial food, home-cooked, or raw.  That’s great for his regular meals, but what do you do for treats?  It’s sometimes hard to strike a balance between rewarding your dog for a job well done and allowing your dog to get too fat.

I just learned about a line of dog treats from Healthy Pet Net (the same people who make Life’s Abundance pet food) that are specifically designed by a vet to provide your dog with a healthy snack.  According to their Web site, these treats were developed by Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM to include the wholesome and nutritious ingredients your best friend needs.

 They have Tasty Rewards, a treat to use for training, made from free-range, farm-raised chicken and venison.

 Another option are their baked treats, available in anti-oxidant bars, dental treats, and low-fat Wholesome Hearts.  The anti-oxidant bars include apples, peanut butter, honey, oatmeal, cranberries, and carrots with vitamin E, vitamin C, and beta-carotene.  The dental treats are made from whole grains and include calcium and phosphorous for strong bones and teeth plus parsley to freshen your dog’s breath.  Wholesome Hearts Treats have no artificial colors or flavors and are fortified with L-Carnitine to help the body burn fat.

Finally, for those who really, really want to treat their dogs, they have pork treats.  Porky Puffs have no artificial colors to stain your carpet and are more easily digested than rawhide.  Porkhide Bones are made from 100% natural pork skin.    

What’s neat is that you can sign up for Auto-Ship, which means you never have to lug home your treats (or even your dog’s food) from the store again.  They simply send you your order automatically, based on the time frame you choose.  So, if you go through a bag of food every month, you set your Auto-Ship option to 1 month, and you will come home to find a bag of dog food on your porch right when you need it.  It couldn’t be more convenient.

The other cool thing is that when you feed high quality food and treats with lots of protein and very little fat, your dog can digest all of the food, and very little of it ends up in your back yard.  This means that your dog gets full benefit of every ounce of food, resulting in your having to feed less than you normally do.

Yes, their products are a bit more expensive than what you are probably buying now, but isn’t your pet’s health worth it?

You can learn more on the Good4Pets Web site.

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Good day, and good dog!

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  1. P.S. Remember your’re watching T. V. You know the song smile in your face and stabb you in the back.

    Don’t let her smile fool you.

  2. Hi Dog Lady

    I thought that too. Boy, do we live in Stupid Land. She owns the Company, 100 percent. She has several buffers.s

  3. My dog loves “Greenies” they help clean teeth, get rid of plaque and tartar, and fight “doggie breath.” Check ’em out.

  4. I love the holistic pet foods created by veterinarian Dr. Jane Bicks! She has her own stand-alone manufacturing facility, so there is no worry about cross-contamination of equipment by other pet-food manufacturers using lower-quality ingredients. She makes the food in small batches and quality control tests every one.

    She uses only human-grade ingredients, and no corn, wheat or soy products. No preservatives or dyes. The foods are fast-cooked to retain the maximum amount of nutrients, and she refuses to sell the product via stores because she doesn’t want it sitting on store shelves (because of the absence of preservatives). So you order it online through a registered agent, and it ships to your door! The best part is that she encourages customers to call into a monthly conference call she does and ask questions about the food. Can’t do that with Iams or Science Diet!

    The registered agent I use to buy my food through is my local no-kill shelter. Their site for Life’s Abundance is My shelter gets a portion of the proceeds, so if you’re going to order, please use the above web site!

    Also, please note that each 40-lb bag of kibble contains approximately 160 cups. Each cup of dog food has 483 kcal/cup. Check whatever food you’re using now, because this is very nutritionally-dense food and most people find they need to feed much less of it to maintain their pets’ weights. I cut my 70-lb pointer back from 2 cups twice a day to 1.3 cups twice a day. My heeler gets half a cup twice a day.

    Hope this helps! I just love the products!

  5. Paula – Have you tried contacting Ellen? She seems like she is a big dog fan, and I wonder if she could help you to get in touch with the company. Also, if you know what state the company is incorporated in, you can contact the Secretary of State – all businesses have to register, and these records are public. You may be able to find it online at the state’s Web site. Good luck!

  6. I WOULD APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m asking for Medical bills. If I could sue for pain and suffering, I would add that on, but because dogs are property.
    Yes, individuals need to take responsiblity when it’s their fault.

  7. Be careful about changing dog food and treats. I slowiy changed my dog to HALO PET FOODS and she was hours from death. Halo Pet Foods is not stepping up to the plate and taking responsiblity, so I am taking Halo Pet Foods to Small Claims Court. Halo Pet Foods is refusing to give QVC and myself an address. I and QVC have requested several times over several months for the address, Mr. Aerdoglyan without any response. Also, I have emailed Mr. Aerdoglyan, no response.
    My dog has never been fat, has had a variety of foods.
    The only reason that I tried the food was because of Ellen Degreneras, what a mistake. The company is unwilling to take responsibility.

    Paula Crane, Small Dog-Westside, Beach Areas, Small Dog of Santa Barbara/Montecito of Santa Barbara, Montecito

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