Hilary Swank promotes dog adoption

Photo Credit: Wikifido

The Associated Press is reporting that Academy Award winner Hilary Swank will partner with Iams’  Home 4 the Holidays Pet Adoption Campaign.  Their goal is to send 1.5 million shelter pets home in time for the holidays.

Although I never think pets under the Christmas tree are a good idea, I applaud this campaign because they are targeting the dates from October 1st through January 4th, so it’s not specifically targeted at giving pets as Christmas presents. 

Swank who lives with a cat, rabbit, several parrots, and a mixed-breed dog named Karu, points out that the older animals often found in shelters have “already gone through a lot of the training that cam be challenging for people.” 

Kudos to her for getting involved!

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6 thoughts on “Hilary Swank promotes dog adoption”

  1. Here is the link to the website:
    Check out …

    iams factsheet_new05
    Advertisements for Iams dog and cat food show happy animals frolicking across lawns
    and snuggling up to their guardians, but what they don’t show is the pain and suffering inflicted
    on dogs and cats in Iams-funded experiments. Most people don’t know that the pet-food
    maker is conducting cruel…
    http://www.peta.org/mc/factsheet/iamsfactsheet05.pdf – 495K –

  2. I can’t seem to find anything on PETA’s site. Do you have the link for these pages. I found a lot of info from peoples blogs about the investigation but no links to the original report. I have also checked the major news vendors with no success.

    Iams is sold in the UK, thou I have never brought it. It is at the premium end of the market. However if they are somehow implicated in animal cruelty then I can also boycott the parent company ‘Proctor and Gamble’.


  3. By supporting Iams – this is what oyu support – I am not a crazy fanatic – but if you check out the Peta web site, you will see this is a multi year internal investigation. it really is disgusting that they treat them so bad.

    Unknown to most consumers and perhaps even to the stores themselves is the fact that the actual manufacturer, Menu Foods, does conduct such tests as was shown during PETA’s nine-month investigation into a contract testing laboratory—the same one in which Iams animals were found suffering.

  4. P.S. Because people are so self-centered and most don’t think out of their own bubble. Many people don’t think about how great it would be to save a dog’s life, but put a little bit of fear/information that they can relate too. If Shelters and Rescues add a little knowledge with a little fear, you just might see more of an increase in adopting dogs. Especially, dads, moms, single dads and moms who are not crazy about a dog. Who have the attitude–no not another responsibility or mouth to feed because I have too much on my plate, now. If you give them information that they can relate too along with articles about child preitors, children missing-listings.

  5. I think that Shelters and Rescues, etc should promote adopting a dog or dogs who will fit into their family. A dog or dogs are great alarms to help prevent crimes, such as breaking intto homes, apts, and killing, raping, and child pretitors. Especially, people with children and their children sleeps in their own room. Dogs are great for an alarm and protection.

    What’s a little poop clean up and dog training classes vs no child, individuals murdered and/or raped?

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