Please No Dogs Under the Tree!

Photo:  KRIS-TV.
Photo: KRIS-TV.
Please, be responsible as you finish out your holiday shopping this year. Dogs do NOT make good Christmas presents, unless YOU are planning on remaining responsible for the dog for several years to come.

Those cute, wiggly little puppies that pop out of a box under the tree are adorable, but they are also messy, needy, and destructive. If you are giving a dog to someone, you are asking that someone to make a 10 – 15 year commitment to someone that they may or may not be prepared to commit to.

So many holiday dogs end up in shelters because the person receiving the gift wasn’t prepared for them to chew, pee, poop, slobber, and grow up into a larger dog.

Yesterday’s holiday / fashion week dog parade in Peru was focused on responsible dog ownership. Part of this responsibility is spaying / neutering, part of it is making sure your dog is a good citizen, and part of it is NOT giving pets as holiday gifts. See the parade story on KRIS-TV.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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