Eco-Friendly Dog Activities

There are a lot of great “green” activities you can do with your dog. Hiking is one example, as long as you follow the tenets of “leave no trace”. In other words, don’t leave doggy-doo, litter, or trampled and broken plants.

Here are some other suggestions for keeping your dog green:

  1. Research your dog’s leash options. Retractable leashes are great for travel since you can keep your dog close to you, or let them run. Further, some leash designers offer eco-friendly options such as recycled vintage leashes.
  2. Wherever you go, bring something to collect doggy-doo. Bags that conveniently clip onto retractable leashes are one option. Further to that, there are now “compostable” bags that have much less environmental impact than regular plastic bags.
  3. Investigate local guides that may reveal cool places to take your dog.

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