Best Friends

Are you really taking good care of your dog? Let’s not forget that they’re totally dependent on us for their food, shelter, health and well-being. We took them away from nature and made pets out of them, and in doing so, we let them forget how to survive on their own. Let’s never forget that a dog is like a little baby, needing us through their entire lives.

The great thing about it, though, is that every ounce of energy we put into taking good care of our dogs comes back to us as tons and tons of uninhibited love. They look at you with those big eyes as though you were their whole life? Why? Because you ARE their whole life. Let’s return as much of that love as we can. Let’s brush their teeth, learn about good canine nutrition, make sure they are properly trained, give them plenty of exercise, not let them roam, pay regular visits to the vet, and just use some good sense about taking care of our very best friends.

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One thought on “Best Friends”

  1. Nice site!

    Lots of breeds of dogs!

    Ger at Pet-goddess, we LOVE cocker spaniels!

    We would like to remind people of e also just remind people of the shelters TEEMING with unwanted dogs at the moment, so spay and neuter!

    The statistic is that 30-50% of all animals at shelters are actually pure-bred.

    Because of the economy being so bad, many are being abandoned and will be put down even though they are perfectly healthy because there simply is no room.

    There are any worthy rescue organizations for certain breeds, such as cockers, including, so if you are anywhere in the New York area and want an adorable and adoring friend for life, contact them!

    NYAA tries to rescue as many as they can, but need adoptive families, and foster families.

    They also run an ‘underground railroad’ to rescue all cockers in states which have ‘kill only’ shelters.

    So if you love the breed, see what you can do to help rescue as many cockers as you can!

    And other dogs too-they often end up with other dogs they can afford to rescue if they go to pick up a dog/s and see some others that are readily adoptable but have just run out of time.

    I am the proud new owner of a 15 year old rescue cocker and a 13 year old rescue cocker we got last year. Please consider giving a break to an older dog. They have plenty of life and love left in them yet!

    Best of luck with your site!

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