All of Hollywood Eating Dog Food…Well, Sort of

Dogs Bar
Photo courtesy The New York Times

When their copies of the Hollywood Reported arrived, many people chomped down on the gluten free nutrition bar that was wrapped inside, thinking it was just another freebie being given away by an advertiser.

What they didn’t know until they discovered how awful it tasted, was that the nutrition was intended for their dogs! “The stunt,” says Lynne Segal, Publisher of the Hollywood Reporter, “was part of a $45,000 ad purchase by Dog for Dog”

If you remember, we blogged about this pet food company last week, noting that it is backed by the comedian Chelsea Handler; the rapper Snoop Dogg, who now prefers to be known as Snoop Lion; and Ryan Kavanaugh, the chief of Relativity Media. For every item bought, Dog for Dog says it donates an item to a needy canine.

Seems that, in addition to having a strong sense of duty to dogs, the company also has a funny bone.

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Good day, and good dog!

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