2 thoughts on “Survey Saturday: Your dog’s name”

  1. Hey…AKC accepts all colors of Chihuahuas in their dog shows….you need to tell the whole truth about a subject.

    Merles are shown and bred in the USA…and That is not true about merles being blind….if you don’t breed merles to merles you will have no birth defects at all.

    Piebald is the color that carries the gene that causes blindness at times in dogs.

    I think you are leaning toward the people who think they can stick their heads in the sand and pretend merles don’t exsist. They may not lable them merles…but they are in almost every kennel. Most people don’t even know merles can be all colors not just blue.

    Doddies.com needs be careful ….you have printed lies due to your ignorance and mis led no telling how many people.

    Good Job!

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