Too busy for a fulltime pet? Rent-a-dog!

Dog rentals have grown in popularity for busy people

The rent-a-pet concept has grown worldwide in recent years, despite disapproval from some animal rights advocates. Those in favor of the practice say it helps people understand dogs and learn how to treat them properly.

Dog lovers short on time or space say that renting dogs is a good interim solution until they’re able to commit to a permanent canine companion. Organizations that rent dogs to others feel that people often don’t understand all the work involved in caring for a pet, and their rental solution helps people understand what’s involved in caring for a dog.

Some rescue groups even use the rent-a-pet type program to help with fostering rescues. Not a bad idea, as it helps the dogs and helps potential foster carers decide whether they have what it takes to foster or adopt a dog.

Opponents say it’s mean to pass a dog around amongst temporary families, when they deserve a forever home. Advocates say it improves people’s understanding of dogs and offers a solution where some dogs would otherwise be homeless or euthanized. What do you think?

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9 thoughts on “Too busy for a fulltime pet? Rent-a-dog!”

  1. Gelimymmemy – good to have you! Be sure to take our Saturday Surveys – it will be nice to have a more diverse perspective!

  2. JoAnn – Something about it doesn’t sit right with me either, it’s almost too convenient since you can just send the dog away when you’re done with him.

    On the other hand, if it can prevent shelter dogs from being put to sleep, maybe it’s not so bad. For me I guess it would depend on what the rental dog’s “off-duty” life is like–do they get a stable home when they’re not working?

  3. I’m not sure about this “Rent-A-Pet” idea. It doesn’t feel right to me…I mean, what’s next…..Rent-A-Child???

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