Great Dane Mozart Paints for Charity

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Mozart, a Harlequin Great Dane purchased at an auction in Ohio, was very soon abandoned by his owner, presumably after they realized how large Great Danes grow to be. He is now living in foster car with Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue in Bethel, Ohio. What makes him different than any other rescue dog? He’s a painter! (Pretty funny for a dog named after one of the greats in the music world.)

His paw paintings are then sold to benefit not only the shelter, but also other charity groups.

And they’re absolutely gorgeous! See the whole collection.

What a great idea to raise money for worthy causes!

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One thought on “Great Dane Mozart Paints for Charity”

  1. I will never understand how someone could take an animal home and then dump it!! I don’t care how big or small the animal, once you take it do you not feel an obligation to see it through? I suppose the animal is much better not living with someone who would give up so easily. What a wonderful idea for the dog to make money for other dogs!! I bet he is not in a shelter anymore.

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