Fundraiser Ideas for your Dog Shelter

One of the reasons I like to point out fundraisers being held to benefit local shelters is that when there is an innovative way to raise funds, maybe other shelters can benefit by stealing the idea.  Check out what One of a Kind Pet Rescue in Akron, Ohio is doing in the next few weeks.  I especially like the line “They’ve got to eat and so do we…so let’s do it together.”

The first event is being held September 25 & 26, 2010 at Donzell’s Flower and Garden Center.  Every year, they hold a fall festival, which although the event is not related to dogs at all, they are donating the proceeds of the festival to the shelter to benefit the spay / neuter program.

The other event is on October 14th at a local eatery called the Barley House.  For any dinners ordered between 6 and 8 pm on that date, the restaurant will donate 15% of the proceeds to the shelter.  The tag line for the poster is the one I like:

They’ve got to eat and so do we … let’s do it together!

What I like about these fundraisers is that they aren’t the traditional kind of events we usually see for animal shelters.  It appears the good folks at One of a Kind Pet Rescue are good at partnering with local businesses where the owners have a soft spot for dogs and cats.  Even though the businesses don’t have anything to do with dogs, they have found a way to partner with the shelter to raise funds.  What a great idea!

Another neat thing they do is that they have a section on their “make a donation” page that is specifically targeted to businesses, suggesting some ways in which local entrepreneurs can help them raise funds to benefit the shelter.

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