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Corpus Christi Pet Evacuation

If you are using the city of Corpus Christi’s evacuation services, you will be bused to San Antonio. The good news is, you can bring your pets with you.

It’s no longer necessary for your to risk your life riding out the storm simply because you don’t want to leave your pets behind.

Watch the video for an overview of the process.

If you’re not inside the city of Corpus Christi, check out this list from Pet Friendly Travel to see what your options are for sheltering your pets.

Stay safe!

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Fundraiser Ideas for your Dog Shelter

One of the reasons I like to point out fundraisers being held to benefit local shelters is that when there is an innovative way to raise funds, maybe other shelters can benefit by stealing the idea.  Check out what One of a Kind Pet Rescue in Akron, Ohio is doing in the next few weeks.  I especially like the line “They’ve got to eat and so do we…so let’s do it together.”

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Diesel the Rescue Dog

While we were wandering around the Stark County Fair yesterday, we saw a man walking this beautiful dog.  His name is Diesel, and he’s a mix of Boxer and Pit Bull.  Seems his new buddy, Dave, has a friend who works at the Humane Society.  Diesel was about to be put down, but Dave decided he needed a new friend.  What a great way to celebrate Labor Day weekend!

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