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As the blog writer here at, I get lots of e-mails from readers, asking for my advice.  I’ve also noticed that we get lots of comments on the blog that don’t necessarily pertain to the posting, but the commenter wants advice or wants to ask a question.  While both of these are totally fine, we felt the need to add a forums section to allow our readers to interact with each other, rather than with just me (through e-mail) or rather than posting an un-related comment which may not get read widely.

So, voila!  The doggies community was born.  Here’s the thing:  a lot of you either haven’t found the community yet, or are hesitant to use it!  There are a lot of thought-provoking questions on there now, such as what to do with the remains of a deceased pet, how to handle a dog who eats out of the toilet, and what to do about a dog who wants to go out in the middle of the night every night. 

My boss gave me a challenge to get more people involved in the forums, so I’m really testing my influence here!  Please go to the doggies community, click on register (it’s free!), and post some responses to the questions which have been posed.  Or, add a thread to start a new discussion.  Don’t forget to create a profile, if you want to, so we can create a true sense of community where people actually know something about each other.  And we’d love to see pictures of your precious pooches (or devilish dogs!), too!

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t usually frequent forums on websites – just not my cup of tea, but now that I have started posting in the doggies forums, I am finding it kind of fun.  It’s neat to see what other dog lovers are experiencing – sharing the joys and hardships of living with a dog!

Check it out, and let me know what you think!  Our programmers worked hard to create this, and would appreciate any input you can give us to make it better.  (But we’ll only believe your suggestions if you actually try it out!  :>)


Good day, and good dog!

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