Blog Paws 2010 Conference

I just got back from the BlogPaws 2010 Conference in beautiful Columbus, Ohio.  It was the first ever meeting of people who blog about pets.  They expected 50 people and got over 250 participants!  I had a great time, and it was wonderful to meet some of my readers and fellow bloggers.  With the help of this group, hopefully I will become a better source of information for all of you.  I even learned how to set up contests and sweepstakes, so you may see some of those coming soon!

The picture above is from the Silent Art Auction.  It is by pet artist Vicki Boatright, aka BZTAT, aka Brewskie Butt’s mom.  You can read Brew’s blog here, and see Vicki’s studio here.

Here are some other random pictures from the conference:

Cosmo, the Havanese
Finnegan, the Pug
Rex, the ancient Great Dane
Cole, the spoiled English Shepherd
It wasn't all about dogs - here's Agape, the guinea pig
And last, but not least, Cornish Rex cat, Brighton

I apologize again for my horrible photography skills, but at least these pix will give you a sense of what I saw.  Tomorrow, I’ll tell you a little more about what I learned, and don’t miss my Tuesday Top Ten this week, which will be filled with links to other dog-related sites you might find interesting.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Blog Paws 2010 Conference”

  1. It was great meeting The Dog Lady in person! Great pictures…but they only capture a little bit of what it was like being surrounded by people who love animals!

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