Dog Dies at 2009 Iditarod

I guess I’ve never followed this race too closely in the past, but animal activists have had it on their radar for years, as at least one dog usually dies during the two week race.  and this year is no exception.  Victor, a 6-year old sled dog on Jeff Holt’s team, died between the Rainy Pass and Rohn checkpoints this week.

The original story from the Anchorage Daily News is here, with a follow-up here.  There are a lot of good points made, both pro and con, at the Iditarod forums, if you want to read more or join the discussion.

 What I found most tragic about the story is that Holt races dogs he has also kept as family pets, so this isn’t just the loss of a working dog, it is the loss of a family member.

Do you have strong feelings about the Iditarod?  Check back this weekend for our informal Saturday Survey on the topic.

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Good day, and good dog!

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