Tuesday’s Top Ten: Forum Posts

For those of you who haven’t yet gotten involved in our forums, I wanted to let you know some of the topics that are getting some attention.  As you know, we are just starting out with our forums, so we’d love for you to stop by, introduce yourself, and make some contributions to the community!

10.  Illness (The current thread concerns anal glands, the bane of my existence!)

9.  Is the recession affecting our dogs? (How are your pets affected by the recession? What about other dogs in your community? Share your stories here.)

8.  Entertainment (Dog movie reviews, books, TV…anything dog and entertainment related.)

7.  Labrador Retrievers (Posts related to the world’s most popular breed of dog.)

6.  Help is here:  dog care and the recession (Share your tips for coping, or ask for ideas here.)

5.  Breed requests (You can ask us to add a forum category for your favorite breed, if it’s not already listed.)

4.  Doggie photos (Upload a shot or two of your baby.)

3.  Memorials (Tell us what you have done to memorialize pets you have lost.)

2.  Behavior and training (Help Paulski deal with a dog who nips!)

1.  Introduce yourself (Tell us a bit about you and your family.  It’s not required, but it does give us a chance to welcome you to the community!)

Be sure to check out our forums soon!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top Ten: Forum Posts”

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  4. Nicole – Thanks so much for your post. I’m going to have to think about this one for awhile – I have really mixed feelings about it.

    On one hand, I believe that second chances are a really good thing. On the other, I think some criminals are very pre-disposed to repeating their mistakes.

    While I don’t equate what Vick did to child molestation, I do know that child molesters are just about impossible to re-hab, which makes it very hard to give them a 2nd chance. Wonder what the stats are on dog fighters – anybody know if they typically “go straight” after being punished?

  5. In award-winning tattoo artist and Pit Bull activist Brandon Bond’s new film Vicktory to the Underdog, Brandon takes the unusual and highly controversal stance that Michael Vick deserves a second chance. Vicktory to the Underdog is a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of rescued Pit Bulls, including several of the Vick dogs, and the process of socializing them after a lifetime of torture and abuse.

    Rather than focusing on the dog fighting problem, the movie sheds light on solutions leading to “Vicktory” for all the characters in the movie, including heavily tattooed people, parolees, Pit Bulls and anyone who society has turned their back on through ignorance and prejudice. The film explores second chances and expresses the opinion than even Michael Vick deserves one, a highly controversial perspective within the animal rights community.

    The documentary, which recently debuted at the Great Pit Ball in the Brenden Theaters at the Palms Casino, an all-day charity event on March 14 in Las Vegas to save Villalobos Animal Rescue Center, the largest rehabilitation facility for abused Pit Bulls in the world, features several notable names, including Bob Barker (“The Price is Right”), Danny Trejo (From Dusk Til Dawn, Heat) and Senator Chip Rogers, who just passed a bill in Georgia to make dogfighting a felony.

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