Dogs on the Bonnie Hunt Show

Do any of you watch the Bonnie Hunt Show?  I’m not so much into talk shows, but I have become hooked on this one since I’ve been home recovering from my surgery.  One of the things I most love about it is that she is such a dog lover!  As you saw from yesterday’s post, she apparently searches the Internet for dog-related video clips to air on her show.  Yesterday, the clip showed dogs playing Nerf basketball – too cute!  The best part was the cat lying right under the basket – “No defense at all,” Bonnie says, as the cat sleeps through the whole thing.  (Still looking for the clip on YouTube so I can post a link for you.)

The other thing I like is that they do a dog adoption piece just about every week.  Yesterday, she said that they heard about a dog who was to be put down at 5:30 last Friday evening, so one of her producers actually left the studio and went to pick up the dog, cared for it over the weekend, and will be presenting it during their next adoption segment.  It’s nice to see that they back up their words with action to help save dogs in need.

You can see some of the videos and get more information about the show here.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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