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Brian Williams’ Dog Lucy

OK, maybe you’re sick of hearing about the Bonnie Hunt show by now, but I can’t stop talking about it!  Today’s guest was NBC news anchor Brian Williams.  First of all, he’s absolutely hysterical!  (He gave Bonnie a bird cage doormat for her fake hidden-camera equipped bird cage – it was huge!  Of course, the inhabitants of the bird cage are humans dressed in bird costumes.  Then he turns this into an opportunity to talk about the housing crisis and whether or not the bird couple have adequately planned out their expenses to see if they can afford the home.)

Anyways, he began talking about why he is a dog person.  He says that both his wife and a friend of his who is a psychiatrist agree that he has some dog DNA in him.  While he is saying this, he starts scratching at his ear, using his whole arm, as a dog would do.  Who knew that the guy reading the news would be such a riot?

Finally, he showed some pictures of his dog, Lucy, who was adopted from a shelter when she was about the size of a teddy bear.  Now 15, Lucy is a huge dog (maybe part lab?).  He says she suffers from a vestibular illness, similar to a stroke, where she constantly has her head tipped to the side, as if she were listening to something very interesting all the time.  She apparently gets up very early in the morning, and barks her head off, then goes back to sleep…EVERY DAY!

BTW, Wednesday is the weekly dog adoption segment, so check it out online, if you’re interested.  They talked about making dog guardianship more affordable in this economy.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

Dogs on the Bonnie Hunt Show

Do any of you watch the Bonnie Hunt Show?  I’m not so much into talk shows, but I have become hooked on this one since I’ve been home recovering from my surgery.  One of the things I most love about it is that she is such a dog lover!  As you saw from yesterday’s post, she apparently searches the Internet for dog-related video clips to air on her show.  Yesterday, the clip showed dogs playing Nerf basketball – too cute!  The best part was the cat lying right under the basket – “No defense at all,” Bonnie says, as the cat sleeps through the whole thing.  (Still looking for the clip on YouTube so I can post a link for you.)

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