Who Says Dogs Don’t Understand Religion?


Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Company, based in Wheeling, Illinois has come out with a line of kosher pet foods.  To promote the line – what else? –  they are sponsoring a series of dog Seders around the country for the past several years. 

Owner Holly Sher says prizes are given for the dog that can sing the four questions posed at a Seder and for the dog that finds the hidden matzoh.  However, they often have trouble finding a winner for the matzoh contest, as dogs tend to be not so interested in finding it!   “None of the dogs like matzoh,” Sher says.

For those of you, like me, that are not Jewish, here is a website that can help you understand some of the traditions, such as the four questions which are generally answered by the youngest child at the Passover Seder.

My favorite part of the whole article I read was the picture (shown above) of the dog with the yarmulke on his head!  Too cute!

Photo by Joshua Lott, courtesy of Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food.

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