Would you let your dog pick your date?

Wendy Diamond, author of  “How to Understand Men Through their Dogs”, says that by looking at the kind of dog your man has, you can learn a great deal about him.  For example, mutt owners tend to be happy-go-lucky, secure with himself, and a child-lover.  Diamond has thoughts on some of the purebreds as well.

For example, men who live with Bichon-Frises are likely to be good with children.  Those who enjoy German Shepherds will usually like intrigue and mystery, while men who have Akitas are generally overprotective.  Poodle men generally get married late in life, while Pomeranians are a bit lacking in the affection department.

Sheryl Matthys, a dog behaviorist, agrees that dogs can give some clues to a man’s characteristics, but caustions that they may not tell the whole picture.  For example, very masculine men may have large dogs, while men who are gruff on the outside but have a soft center may have a pampered Yorkie.

Women:  be careful about dressing up your purse pet if you are looking for a man.  Most men interpret the desire to dress up a dog to mean that the woman is looking for immediate marriage and plans to spend a fortune on clothes, either for herself or their children.

One thing that most people agree on is a dog’s ability to sniff out the character of a person.  If your dog doesn’t like someone you bring home, it’s likely that you should show him or her the door as soon as possible.

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  1. I really am looking for advice rather than posting a comment. I have adopted a 1 yr old male beagle who has been badly abused. Is there any material available that I can read to teach me proper training techniques for this type of dog? I certainly do not want to make him more nervous than he already is but I do need to change some of his bad behavior while at the same time making him feel safe and loved. Can you help me?
    JoAnn C

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