Shout Out to the Greg Biffle Foundation for Animals

Kudos to Nascars Greg Biffle and his wife Nicole on their foundation to help companion animals.  According to their website, the foundation was created in 2005 “to create awareness and serve as an advocate to improve the well-being of animals by engaging the power and passion of the motor sports industry. Financial support for the foundation comes from a variety of sources including individual contributions, NASCAR Pets calendars, and the sale of various racing and other sports memorabilia. ” 

The calendars look really neat – I’ll have to remember to buy one for 2010.  They also offer other merchandise such as T-shirts, caps, and dog dish holders made of granite – very attractive!

The foundation makes grants to animal shelters and humane societies around the country to represent the best interests of animals.

Greg and Nicole have four dogs – Foster and his daughter Gracie, a pair of Boxers who are very familiar to race fans across the country. Foster even graced the front of a Milk Bones box in 2004. The latest addition is Savannah, who was rescued from a Georgia shelter.  Not sure who the fourth one is.

They both serve on the board of Iredell Friends of Animals, trying to increase the number of pet adoptions and decrease the number of animals that must be euthanized each year. 

What a worthy cause!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Shout Out to the Greg Biffle Foundation for Animals”

  1. Emily – glad you saw the post. If you ever add a blogroll to your site, be sure to add us! Thanks for visiting.
    Oops, should have said good post! Waiting on the next post!

  2. Thanks for the “shout out”! We appreciate your kind words and you helping to spread the word. Please let me know if there is ever anything we can do for you!


    Emily J. DiNunzio
    Executive Director
    The Greg Biffle Foundation

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