Pampered Dogs

Have you read Michael Schaffer’s book yet?  Titled “One Nation Under Dog:  Adventures in the New World of Prozac-Popping Puppies, dog-Park Politics and Organic Pet Food,” Schaffer’s book highlights some of the extremes people go to for their pets and about some of the products available for pets today.

He talks about a cat with an $18,000 kidney transplant and facials that are available when you have your pet groomed.

He highlights the feud between Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer) and Ian Dunbar, who pushes training by positive reinforcement.

Another interesting fact from the book – Joe Markham, who developed the Kong brand of toys, makes the toys out of the tough rubber from Volkswagon suspension systems.  (Or at least he did originally – I’m guessing he’s out of the junkyard now and buying his rubber directly from a manufacturer.)

Listen to the author on’s Oh Behave show # 67.

According to Shaffer’s website, the book is:

a simultaneously hilarious and insightful journey through the world of pet fashion shows, Chihuahua social networking, veterinary antidepressants, ambulance-chasing animal lawyers, hypoallergenic kitty breeders, leash-law political activists, puppy-training ideologues, chew-toy industrialists, pet bereavement counselors, organic dog foods, and other corners of our pet-crazed country–a book that is intended to say as much about how contemporary humans live as it does about the modern lives of dogs an cats. It was published April 1 by Henry Holt. Initial reviews have been strong: I hope you’ll check it out. Read more about my book here, check out my blog on the subject here, or visit the One Nation Under Dog facebook page here.

Yet another book to add to my reading list.  So many books, so little time!  On that subject, my first novel has been published!  If you enjoy reading me on this blog, check out my totally dog-unrelated mystery / romance book here.

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