Upcoming Dog Book Alert!

Today, I received a review copy of Jon Franklin’s new book, “The Wolf in the Parlor:  The Eternal Connection Between Humans and Dogs.”  I didn’t have a chance to start reading it yet, but thought you might be interested in the jacket blurb.

Of all the things hidden in plain sight, dogs are the most enigmatic.  How much do we really know about where they came from and what the implications are of their place in the world?  Jon Franklin spent more than a decade studying the origins and significances of the dog and its peculiar attachment to humans.

As the intellectual pursuit of his subject began to take over Franklin’s life, he married a dog lover and was soon sharing hearth and home with a soulful and clever dog named Charlie.   Building on evolutionary science, archaeology, behavioral science, and the firsthand experience of watching his own dog evolve from puppy to family member, Franklin posits that man and dog are more than just inseparable:  they are part and parcel of the same creature.

In this groundbreaking book, master storyteller Jon Franklin shatters the lens through which we see the world and shows us an unexpected, enthralling picture of the human-canine relationship.

Jon Franklin is the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Journalism and the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing, among numerous other awards.  He is also the author of “Molecules of the Mind”, a New York Times Book of the Year.

We’re traveling this weekend (State tourney for Special Olympics softball!), so I’ll try to get started on this book and will let you know what I think.   I like the premise, but it seems like it might be a pretty heavy topic.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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