Dog Days at Susquehanna University

Dog Days 1Friend-of-the-blog Karen Jones sent me this information about a neat program to help young people adjust to college life at Susquehanna University. What a great idea! Thanks, Karen!

Dog Days 2Dog Days at Susquehanna University are a clever way to help freshmen beat homesickness and connect with new (drooling) best friends. Sponsored by the university Counseling Center, the program invites faculty and staff to bring their beloved dogs to a common area on campus—right outside where students come and go for dinner—every Tuesday in September. Not only do students get to pet and play with friendly pups, but faculty and staff get a chance to chat with newcomers we may or may not meet otherwise. As you know so well, dogs are a great equalizer, and the ultimate icebreaker. At Dog Days, the looks on the new students’ faces make clear just how comforting this kind of comfort can be.

Dog Days is just one canine-centered tradition at SU. In 2008, a Labrador Retriever named Ross was granted honorary alumnus status for serving then-student/owner Christina Fegley, who has muscular dystrophy, throughout her years on campus. And on Oct. 3, SU welcomes John Grogan, author of “Marley & Me: Life and Love With the World’s Worst Dog” to speak about the many lessons his unruly animal companion taught him during his life.

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