Saturday Survey: Does Your Dog Like Kids?

We’ve all seen movies or pictures where young children tumble on an impossibly green lawn (free of dog poop), frolicking with a litter of puppies.  The reality, however, isn’t always that pretty.  Puppies nip.  Children pull tails.  So, how does your dog do around children?

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Does Your Dog Like Kids?”

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  2. My dogs temporary family has a 5-year old with MD who crawled everywhere because walking was so awkward for him until my Boxer moved in and now he holds onto her collar and she helps him get around. It’s really sweet and should help him a lot. I’m proud of her and her patience too because I’m sure it gets old but luckily she was raised with kids (and me, come to think of it, as I can be more of a pest checking her teeth and whatnot than any kid imagined being) so she’s used to all of it.

  3. My wife teaches piano, so there are kids coming and going all the time. It takes Katie (our nearly 14-year old Siberian Husky) no more than a few seconds to figure out which kids are comfortable with her and which ones are not… she hangs around the former and ignores the latter.

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