Saturday Survey: Do You Chain Your Dog Outside?

If you’ve been following along this week, you will remember the post from Thursday that talks about chaining dogs to their doghouses for hours on end.  But, I do realize that if you don’t have a fence, you may not have options, so I’m not judging!  I thought it might make an interesting poll question though.  Please participate below.

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Good day, and good dog!

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Do You Chain Your Dog Outside?”

  1. My dog is on a cable outside most of the time. This is what he prefers. he comes in when he wants, goes out when he wants. Being responsible is the key. You may envision my poor Malamute tied to a tree on a short cable but in fact he is tied to a 20 ft cable that is attached to a 90 foot runner cable. He has been on it since he was a baby and never gets tangled, there are 2 trees but he will wind one way, and then the other way to get out of it. He stays out while I am at work unless it is hot out. Not Surprisingly I have gotten some opinions from others who do not believe I should leave my Mal out when it is cold and snowy! I have a few benefis though, I own my home, I work within 6 blocks of my house and can easily run home to check on him a couple times, I have a neighbor who is a good friend and a dog groomer and she keeps a very watchful eye on him for me.

  2. I do chain my dog outside. I rent a home so I can not put in a fenced yard like I would like to. Max will bark to come in adn bark to go out. He enjoys lazy afternoons laying on the porch. Every 15 mins or so, I glance out the window to make sure my naughty (hehehehe) bulldog isnt making to much trouble. When hes ready to come in he will stand next to the door and call for us. There is nothing wrong with leashing your dog as long as your responsible.

    I should mention, our yard is “open” so he can’t get wrapped up or caught on anything.

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