Dogs Chained Outside

chainedSeveral news sources today had articles about the inappropriateness of keeping your dog chained outside. 

Think about it:  if you are using your dog as a guard for your home, how can he protect anything if he can’t get loose from the tree to which you have him tethered?  And if your dog is a companion for your family, how much joy does he bring you (and how much joy does he have in his life) if he’s constantly outside?

Now, there’s certainly nothing wrong with using a chain to keep your dog from roaming the neighborhood, but many Humane Societies are seeing a disturbing trend of dogs being chained outside all day, every day.  For some dogs, it’s even 24/7.

In most states, the minimum requirements for an outside dog are some sort of shelter, as well as food and water.  Is this really the life you want your dog to lead, meeting only the minimum standard?  Dogs love to be around people.  They thrive on attention and interaction, which is hard to get when you’re confined to an area no longer than your chain.

 To drive home the point, the Central Oklahoma Humane Society is having a “My Life As A Dog Challenge”.  Eight people will be chained to large dog houses, and the one who lasts the longest wins a car.  (Did you catch the pun in that sentence?  I worked hard on that one!)

I’m thinking I’d make it about 10 minutes – how about you?

The goal of the contest is to raise awareness of the dangers posed by chaining a dog outside interminably:

  • Chains are a hazard to dogs and to the people around them.
  • Chains can choke, strangle or cut dogs, and if the tether becomes tangled, the dog can be cut off from food, water and shelter.
  • The dog can become vulnerable to harassment from people or attack from other animals.
  • Chaining also changes a dog’s personality, making it more likely to be aggressive. My dog’s personality changed after just a few minutes on a chain.

If you use a chain for your dog, please spend some time thinking about how long you leave him outside, and whether there are other options you can use to keep him in your yard.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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4 thoughts on “Dogs Chained Outside”

  1. Dogs serve their purpose. If their purpose is companionship then you had better find a breed that likes it indoors. If their purpose is protection then you had better find a dog that likes protecting stuff. The problem is people….plain and simple. They breed dogs for money and do not care who they sell to and for what purpose. Or they are not responsible enough to have their animal fixed…then it has puppies and they give them away not caring who they give them to or what purpose.

    Then, on the other side, are those who get the dogs without any consideration about the change to their lives, the care necessary or the purpose the dog will serve. They get their pitbull because it is “cool” and all their friends have one. A little neglect and some time on the chain and the dog starts snapping at their kids. Then the cycle continues.

    Dogs are not a passing fancy. They require great responsibility and it is those who do not commit themselves that make everyone look bad. We start making blanket comments like “the inappropriateness of chaining your dog outside.” Take a look at the picture… what would happen if those work dogs were left unchained?

  2. I have never understood why people do this. Dogs are social animals, why do people think it is appropriate to do these things.

    In the past I have reported a neighbour to the RSPCA because their pit bull was out all hours. I used to feed it dog biscuits through the fence. I think they tried to get their own back when Dad accidentally left my dog outside when he went to work. I came home and found my dog soaked, five minutes later an RSPCA inspector was at the door. Max, who is the loudest, boisterous, dog I have ever had, approached the inspector as if he was about to be beaten (or had been). Luckily the inspector believed my explanation that this was a one off.

    In the last few years I have come across people who put their dogs in a crate. ‘Oh they like it’ they say. Do they? why do people mix up what is ‘convenient for them’ with what a dog likes.

    Oh and before I finish my rant. Cindy,

    Friends DO chain friends outside but only as part of a stagg night. Or when wives want to get rid of their husbands for a while. “Well he likes it”.


  3. My friend’s puppy died that way. Or it was about to be her puppy, it was her uncle’s at the time. The way I look at it, I won’t do anything to my dog I wouldn’t do to my child. Am I going to chain my kid outside? NO! So NO! for my dog too. It’s as easy as that. Unfortunately people don’t see dogs that way all too often. It’s sad.

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