Dog Poetry

A sweet story from Black Pearl Dogs.

~ My Heart Has A Tail ~

I made a discovery, just today 

Something so amazing in every way. 


It was when you bounded towards my face,

Kissing and wriggling all over the place. 


And I held you very close to me,

Experiencing euphoria, endlessly.  


It seemed all at once, our hearts became one,

And together we were having so much fun.


When I see you running around, 

You don’t need words to make a sound. 


I know that you love me very much

With a loyalty no human can touch. 


That’s why I believe you’ve become my heart,

And no one earthly force can keep us apart.


We understand each other so very well;

Surely my heart has a tail, can’t you tell?”

~Author Unknown


Do you have a favorite dog poem?  Submit it to me:  [email protected], and I’ll try to get it posted.  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll haev a contest if we have a lot of entries!


Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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