Saturday Survey: Who cleans up after your dog?

Continuing on our potty patch theme from last week:  we all know dogs were born to make messes, but this time I’m talking specifically about the mess that emits from the back end of his or her body on a daily basis.   Who gets the lucky job of cleaning up at your house?

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Saturday Survey: Who cleans up after your dog?”

  1. My husband, bless his heart, cleans up the doggie do in our yard. We have one of the inground waste cont. which he also maintains. It’s funny as he didn’t want another dog. There were several years we didn’t have one after our first passed away. We have had our current E. setter for 5 years. He said one of the reasons he didn’t want another dog was due to the yard cleanup yet he has happily taken it over. He does say he doesn’t know why we feed the dog which should just open the bag and toss it around the yard since that’s where it ends up anyway!

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