Memorial Day

In honor of the Memorial Day holiday, is proud to present this list of dogs who made the ultimate sacrifice from 1965 – 1967 during the Vietnam War.  For more information about military K-9 units, visit

12/9/1965 PRINCE 182X 3rd SPS Air Force
7/6/1966 KAISER UNK    
8/9/1966 TIGER 3A17 25th IPSD Army
8/22/1966 LUDWICK 1X74 377th SPS Air Force
9/18/1966 Smokey 1A82 25th IPSD Army
10/17/1966 LUCKY 2X37 44th IPSD Army
11/1/1966 SARGE 5X94    
11/16/1966 BODIE M 460    
12/4/1966 Cubby 612E 3rd SPS Air Force
12/4/1966 REBEL UNK 377th SPS Air Force
12/4/1966 TOBY UNK 377th SPS Air Force
1/13/1967 SHEPS 8X63 41st IPSD Army
1/13/1967 FRICO 0H57 41st IPSD Army
1/15/1967 DUKE 9X60 41st IPSD Army
2/16/1967 HANNO 0H03 33rd IPSD Army
2/23/1967 REB 21X8 48th IPSD Army
2/23/1967 Baron 0X81 25th IPSD Army
2/28/1967 BLAZE 0B54 12th SPS Air Force
3/2/1967 PRINCE 30X7 48th IPSD Army
4/13/1967 GALLO 28X5 Unknown  
5/25/1967 REX 8X60 33rd IPSD Army
6/16/1967 BARK 5A35 42nd IPSD Army
7/1/1967 MAX 7X72    
7/2/1967 MIKE 4X64 41st IPSD Army
7/4/1967 BUMMER 9X58 Unknown  
7/15/1967 ARKO 0K10    
7/16/1967 Bruno 26X8 48th IPSD Army
8/13/1967 GUNDER 1X07 34th IPSD Army
9/2/1967 PRINCE 43X3 44th IPSD Army
9/12/1967 BOZO 9X40 377th SPS Air Force
9/12/1967 TOTO 52X8 Unknown  
9/13/1967 DUCHESS 55X2    
9/19/1967 BOOTSY 9X64 48th IPSD Army
10/4/1967 BLITZ X239 43rd IPSD Army
10/16/1967 RIP 2X12 Unknown  
11/9/1967 Eric 36X3 44th IPSD Army
11/9/1967 Shadow 9X00 Supporter  
11/27/1967 SARGENT 6X81 44th IPSD Army
12/5/1967 MITZI 9X43    
12/7/1967 BLACKIE 3A33 25th IPSD Army
12/10/1967 Kelly 14X7 34th IPSD Army
12/10/1967 Keechie 14X7 34th IPSD Army
12/30/1967 Troubles 1X16A 25th IPSD Army


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