Go Fund Me Campaign Started for Jethro

Jethro.  Photo from the Facebook page of Mike Ritland.  Photographer unknown.
Jethro. Photo from the Facebook page of Mike Ritland. Photographer unknown.

If you can possibly help, please contribute to the GoFundMe campaign started to cover Jethro’s vet bills and to purchase new, modernized bullet-proof vests for the entire Canton PD K-9 corps.


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4 thoughts on “Go Fund Me Campaign Started for Jethro”

  1. The vests have already been purchased. The remainder of the money (at the request of the benefiting organization) has been put into a fund with City of Canton’s treasurer for the purchase of future dogs as they become needed.
    Thanks for your concern.

  2. im just curious as to where the money from this gofund me has gone. i havent seen anything posted anywhere as to new vest for CPD and others in Stark County or the respirators for the firs stations. this is what i saw on your gofundme account for K9 Jethro.

    I’d like to raise enough money to purchase new vests for all of the Canton PD dogs, as well as to help cover Jethro’s vet bills. Any money in excess of what is needed will be used to purchase vests for other K-9 units in Stark County and / or to purchase pet-sized oxygen masks for fire departments in Stark County.

  3. Thank you Maria, for your letter and for all you did and are doing for these K-9s, and particularly for starting this “Justice for Jethro”….I would love to sign it too. If you are ever in Lorain county, Lorain or Elyria area, I would like to do so. Please keep fighting the good fight for all these magnificent animals and Heroes….they are true Warriors and Heroes…..Love to all.

  4. Hello, My name is Maria Lemmon. I was the woman who made the JUSTICE FOR JETHRO poster. I was so overwhelmed by the many wonderful people that were more than willing to sign this statement. I am a former OHIO STATE TROOPER and now a Registered Vet Tech. I know all to well how dangerous the job of being a police officer really is. When I heard the news about Jethro, I just had to go and see him. I was blessed to have actually gotten to lay down with him in his recovery area and just kiss him and hold him. When his eyes looked my way I felt that he heard every word and felt every kiss I was giving him. I was privileged during my career in law enforcement to have worked with our own canine units for the Highway Patrol, as well as any other surrounding agency that had a K9 unit. These are not just pets, they are REAL police officers commissioned with their department and carry a badge. They are more than just pets to their handlers. They are their partner, their protector, their companion, their friend!! For this reason, they should receive every chance, honor, and respect that a human officer receives. If hurt or killed in the line of duty they deserve and have rightfully earned the same justice as their humans. I feel the laws in Ohio should protect these wonderful animals, as well as hold higher penalties for any criminal that kills a K9 while in the line of duty. IT IS MURDER OF A POLICE OFFICER!!! It should be more than a 3rd degree felony. My goal is to find a way to have our state representatives fight to change this law.
    PLEASE, if anyone has any suggestions as to where I have the best chance to start let me know…I will continue my quest for this. I love every creature God placed on this earth, HOWEVER, I have DNA dog inside me and will give, not only Jethro, but any other K9 officer the dignity and justice he/she deserves if ever they fall into the same dedication that Hero Jethro did. Thank You, and again God Bless everyone for the support and the fight for justice!!!

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