One more…I couldn’t resist

From Pet Portrait Artist BZ Tat
From Pet Portrait Artist BZ Tat

I just found this on Facebook. Artist BZTat, who has volunteered to paint a portrait of Jethro for the Davis family, sat with me at the funeral today. She told me she had a great photo of a handler canoodling with his dog in the parking lot. She apparently took it home and “art-i-fied” it. Beautiful!

Her caption: My artistic rendering of a Parma PD officer and his K-9 partner Tyrone in a poignant moment of bonding at the memorial for fallen K-9 officer Jethro. The human animal bond is so strong and intense between man and beast in the K-9 corps. Canton loves it’s canine heroes and their human handlers. We are so thankful for both. We are also thankful for the heroes that patrol cities beyond Canton who came to pay respects today. Thank you all for your service. #RIPJethro #canineheroes #herodog #jethro #bztatart

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One thought on “One more…I couldn’t resist”

  1. That is awesome!!! God Bless our heroes who serve and protect us & put their lives on the line for us each & every day! Where would we be without them?

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