Tribute to Jethro

BZ Tat at work on another pet portrait.  Photo:  Sue Steiner
BZ Tat at work on another pet portrait. Photo: Sue Steiner

I wanted to link you to a post honoring Jethro from a friend of mine, pet artist BZTat.

She is much better than I am at capturing the enormity of the loss our shared city experienced today. And she’s an awesome artist, to boot! She has volunteered to paint a portrait of Jethro for the Davis family. I hope they take her up on it!

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Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Tribute to Jethro”

  1. Sorry about Jethro. I read about him last night and could tell he was in bad shape. So sorry for the loss He was a very beautiful. Dog. He looked very healthy. People don have a clue to what one of those plus he is partners with the department. I knew someone that paid $10,000 for the dog plus flew him off and paid to have him trained. They are very smart dogs,wonderful pets,and desire. To follow instructions. German Shepherd lover. Have 2 in my lifetime and a neighbor has the one that was retired from our local police department. He also has 2 in a period of 32 years One of mine left and was gone 3months. We were living about 150 miles and he found us. You talking about love when you have one of those dogs they are attached to you. They are more than a dog they are the greatest buddie you will ever have. They will protect you to the highest level. When any one stepped on my place I knew to look. She was 15 when she got cancer. Jethroe deserves a monument and the person that did this deserves to pay. 1 to 5 years is not enough to pay for a dog like this. If he gets out he should have to pay to have the dog replaced. If Jethroe had not taken the fall it would probably been one of our police officers who protects us. To that officer I salute. Sorry for your loss God bless you.

  2. I have a suggestion concerning the portrait of Jethro for BZTat. My idea is she could sell portraits of Jethro, donating a portion for canine vests.

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