Christmas Gifts for Your Dog

Christmas dogJust in time for Black Friday, this poll from Associated Press and  shows that, in spite of the bad economy, more of us plan on purchasing holiday gifts for our pet than last year.  43% of respondents said they bought last year, while 52% plan to buy this year.

 One surprising stat that came from the study is that 60% of dog guardians will treat their pets to something special under the tree while only 40% of cat guardians will.  Similarly, and not nearly so surprising, is that over 60% of females plan to buy while only 40% of men plan to do so.

 Do you worry about your dog getting into the decorations?  Although only 14% of those surveyed said their pets had gotten into something in the past, but nearly 60% they do consider their pets when buying decorations.

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts for Your Dog”

  1. Update – My dog just made out of lego a Burger, a hotdog and a plate of moussaka.

    What a clever dog he is…..

    Seriously though my dog does get a gift at Christmas, though he does not seem to want to play with the toys any more.

  2. Every year our business increases…so I would have to agree with the article! Nina Ottosson’s dog puzzles are really big this year…as they have been all year long. They are a great way to bond with your dog and to get them thinking.

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