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Baby vetDoes your local paper carry “Hints from Heloise?”  Yes, I know, it’s mostly household advice like how to get stains out of your grandmother’s heirloom linens, but she does have a passion for animals, as well.  The Heloise column that appeared in my local newspaper over the weekend was about the importance of finding a vet before you need one.  One of the column’s readers, who also happens to work for a vet, wrote in to make the point that finding a vet should be one of the first things you do when you move to a new area or when you bring home a new pet.

 She points out that making a “well pet visit” allows you and your dog to get to know the vet, and allows the vet to start a health history on the animal at a time when you are calm rather than under the stress of an emergency.

 The entire column can be found here

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Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Good dog advice from Heloise”

  1. Good idea about finding a good vet in a new town. I have good ones in
    a clinic that has vets for small animals , horses, cattle, and even my goats.
    I am so lucky. They have frequent clinics at different farms and places for
    vaccinations and coggins tests for horses. An all in one clinic puts all your
    animal needs under one roof! The vets are all terrific.

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