Saturday Survey: Where did you get your dog?

If you read yesterday’s post, you know that USA Today recently published the results of a survey showing where people pick up their pets.  Now it’s your turn – where did you get your dog?


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Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Saturday Survey: Where did you get your dog?”

  1. Hi,
    I think the best place to buy a puppy or a dog is a long time standing breeder.
    Once the kennel is checked out and the puppies are seen, and you decided that the kennel is clean and orderly than the questions should be asked.
    If you were buying a child what would your questions be??
    That is how you ask questions about a puppy. This new addition to your family will be around about as long as a child would .You would want to know the back ground, any illness ,check out the breeder’s veterinarian, . Ask for the phone number..Talk to the breeder,if they are willing to answer all questions then you can bet they are ok.
    Ask for references ,other people that bought dogs from them .Ask to see the parent dogs . Play with the parent dogs. If not then you might have a problem but be sure you know the breed you are looking at .Some dogs are very protective of their owners.But that doesn’t mean that the parent dog is a mean dog. Best of all do your research .Read books ,ask questions , and the best person to ask is the breeder.If by chance they will not talk to you find one that will.
    I bought a dog from Little Paws Kennel in Pa.The lady there was so informative and her puppies were so happy and playing with each other. Very clean kennel carpet, paneling and clean. clean clean. No smells .
    Loved holding the puppies.

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