Poll: Your relationship to your pets

I saw an interesting poll on my local news website yesterday and wondered how Doggies.com people would respond.  Please use the comments section below:


How would you describe your relationship to your pets:




Locally, people were overwhelmingly picking the last choice (72%), with the remaining 28% split evenly between owner and guardian.  The bad part about polls the way this one was presented is that you can only select a choice, but not give an explanation.  Please tell us your choice and tell us why you chose it in the comments section below.  (Hey, we’re low tech here – no fancy calculations to give instant results!)

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One thought on “Poll: Your relationship to your pets”

  1. I would definitely say parent. You clean up after them, you worry about them when they’re sick, you keep them entertained, you raise them, you keep them safe. You get back unconditional love. And, if you are really lucky, they will be your companion in your old age. The only difference is that dogs never go through that teenaged stage where they know everything!

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