Tuesday Top Ten: America’s Best Dog Parks

A friend of mine just gave me a copy of the June issue of Dog Fancy, where they list the top ten dog parks in America.  In case you missed their article, here are the rankings.  I’m proud to say that my favorite park, Stow, Ohio’s Bow Wow Beach, made the cut.

10.  Bow Wow Beach, Stow, Ohio

9.  Wantage Dog Park, Wantage, NJ

8.  Prairie Pastures Dog Park, Clinton, IA

7.  Hermon Dog Park, Los Angeles, CA

6.  WOOFPAC Park, Santa Maria, CA

5.  Puptown Dog Park, Chicago, IL

4.  Cosmo Dog Park, Gilbert, AZ (I gotta say, the pix of this one make it look amazing!)

3.  Kenton Paw Park, Covington, KY

2.  Pilgrim Bark Park, Provincetown, MA

1. Jackass Acres K-9 Korral, New River, AZ

“In an age when keyboards and touchpads connect us, off-leash parks flourish across the country because they are great gathering places for both dogs and dog owners to come together and enjoy each other’s company,” says Dog Fancy Editor Ernie Slone. “The best parks offer opportunities for socialization and exercise, but also strive to create a special bond and a sense of community.”

Do you take your dog to an off-leash park?  Which one is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments section.

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