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New York City Dog Parks

Beautiful French Bulldog Puppy Dog Pup Puppy Whelp OutdoorMy new Monday feature brings you locations and details about dog parks in major cities. This week, we’re looking at New York City, which as you no-doubt know, doesn’t have a lot of green space outside of Central Park. To find out about dog-friendly areas in the city, I consulted Animal Alliance NYC, an initiative of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals. They list several reference sites, one of which is the NYC Parks Department, which in turn offers an extensive list. My list below gives you one example from each borough. Continue reading New York City Dog Parks

Chicago Dog Parks

Two dogs are playing in the park.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Chicago lately, so that seemed like a good place to start on my new Monday feature: Dog Parks in Major Cities. To get the low-down, I consulted Windy City Paws, a site that connects dog families with available walkers and sitters in the metro area. They have a longer list, but I’m going to give you one example for each area of town. Continue reading Chicago Dog Parks