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Beautiful French Bulldog Puppy Dog Pup Puppy Whelp OutdoorMy new Monday feature brings you locations and details about dog parks in major cities. This week, we’re looking at New York City, which as you no-doubt know, doesn’t have a lot of green space outside of Central Park. To find out about dog-friendly areas in the city, I consulted Animal Alliance NYC, an initiative of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals. They list several reference sites, one of which is the NYC Parks Department, which in turn offers an extensive list. My list below gives you one example from each borough.

Bronx: Pelham Bay Park Off-Leash Area
Address: Middletown Road & Stadium Avenue, northwest of parking lot.
Type: Off-Leash
Notes: The dog run at Pelham Bay Park is close to Watt Avenue and Middletown Road. Both streets merge at the entrance to the parking lot on Middletown Road. The dog run is about 100 yards east of that point.

Brooklyn: Brower Park
Address: St. Mark’s Ave., Park Pl. bet. Brooklyn Ave. and Kingston Ave.
Type: Off-Leash
Notes: Except for playgrounds and other areas where dogs are expressly prohibited via signage, all areas of the park are off-leash during designated hours.

Manhattan: De Witt Clinton Park Dog Run (2 runs)
Address: West 52nd Street & West 54th Street, between 10th & 11th avenues
Type: Run

Queens: Landing Lights Off-Leash Area
Address: Grand Central Parkway, 81 Street & 82 Street & Astoria Boulevard, 23 Avenue 84, 24 thru 30 Avenues, 77 Street through 81 Street
Type: Off-Leash

Staten Island: Silver Lake Park Dog Run
Address: Victory Boulevard below the pavilion, across from the Parkview Apartments
Type: Run

If you’re a New Yorker, where do you exercise your dog?

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