Australian Shepherd Intelligence

aussie shepA long time ago, I wrote about the smartest dogs, and just yesterday, this comment appeared on that post. I thought it was too cute of a story not to share with everyone. Thanks to Elena for writing.

The Australian Shepherd deserves more credit than it is obviously given though. I had one for 16 years before she died. My father marked our 135 acre property line for survey one day. Lady and me followed him all the way around. Lady from that point on after she accompanied us to the bus stop in the morning patrolled that whole property line every day. (Dad followed her once to figure out what she was doing.) And she knew exactly when the bus dropped us off b/c Dad watched her go get my horse and the two of them would walk down to the fence line at the bus stop every afternoon. (One day Mom picked us up from school, and at around 5 o’clock Mom yelled at me to go get Lady b/c she was still waiting at the bus stop looking up and down the road. She was on her patrol when we’d gotten home and didn’t realize we were in the house with Mom.) She did many incredible things over the years, and almost treated me like her pup rather than her owner. She saved my life several times.

I think the breed deserves more credit. But, a lot of people seem to dismiss them. I’ve never understood why.

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4 thoughts on “Australian Shepherd Intelligence”

  1. I have 3Mini Aussies. My 1st boy so overwhelmingly stole everybodies hearts,because he is so cute and intelligent. At 4 Mo. he was already fetching, completely potty trained, and herding the whole family. He was able to differentiate between ball and frisby before 6 Mo. He does like to have a job. This dog shines, I feel sometimes I can almost have a conversation with him and he completely understands. Extremely obediant, though sometimes makes me fully aware that he will no longer tollerate being put off if I am lacking at giving him the attention he needs. My 2nd is a girl, I believe she is also intelligent, but not very interested in following any commands. She was so difficult for me to train not because she was dumb, but because she just didnt seem to care what i thought, lol.. My 3rd is also a boy, and my 1st and 2nds son. I regret not getting him into a great home with somebody that could love him and devote attention to him. He really needs that one on one attention that he is not getting from my current set up. Luckily in the next month my fiance will be able to take on that role for him, and I am looking forward to Rascal getting that feeling that he is the number 1 dog for a change. I do know this, I will never own another breed

  2. My Aussie/Cocker mix pulled his blanket (queen size) into the kitchen and carefully spread it out evenly to lie down when he was about 4 months old. I watched him fake out his mom (a cocker who stole his chews) by taking the chew into the crate, pushing up the blanket with his nose and then exiting the crate with the chew tucked down low. My cocker fell for this hook, line and sinker. She pushed around that blanket in the crate for 2 or 3 minutes looking for the chew that was in his mouth in another room.

  3. I am a proud owner of several dogs, 3 Australian Shepherds, 3 Golden Retriever, 1 Portuguese Water Dog and 1 Mutt. I can honestly say, by my experience dealing and owning several breeds that Australian Shepherds are very surprising dogs.
    They know by instinct things that for other breeds takes incredible time to teach, for instance, play with objects, fetch objects, stay near the owner, come back when call.
    They are one of the most rewarding breeds to teach, always eager to learn, train and they have always that smile like saying “IUPPPIIIII training time”
    They are always eager to go out, even to dog shows, vets or whatever, keeping once again that smile of “IUPPPIIIII we are going out”
    What can I say, they are not focus has Border Collies, but for sure they look like they are having lots and lots of fun.

  4. Cute story. We’ve raised australian shepherds for years and have always know that they are extremely smart and obedient. They’re also very protective as this story suggests.

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