Loyal to the end, and then some

There was a neat (but sad) story in my local paper the other day.  This elderly man had bought a Golden Retriever for his wife several years ago, but when the wife died in 2006, he and the dog became inseparable.  Mr. Nichols apparently went for a walk on April 6th, got tired and lay down about a mile from his home to rest.  He cleared a spot for himself and a spot for Lady.

About a week later, another man out walking his dog found Mr. Nichols’ body, with Lady standing guard. It has been determined that Mr. Nichols died from natural causes, having suffered from heart and lung disease for awhile.  When the Nichols’ sons were notified, they came to the man’s resting place, calling for Lady.  She was so determined to remain with her master, she wouldn’t even come to them at first.

What a great dog!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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