What do Greg Louganis & Oprah Winfrey have in common?

Courtesy Oprah Winfrey
Courtesy Oprah Winfrey

Both the former Olympic diving champion and the current talk show queen were featured on People Pets this week with their cute-as-a-button dogs.  BTW – I can’t believe Louganis has gone totally grey – makes me feel like I might be getting old, too!

Just in time for her 56th birthday, the no-kill shelter (Chicago PAWS) where Oprah got her Cocker last year called her to say they had two 14-week old Springer Spaniels who needed a home.  Sunny and Lauren helped Oprah celebrate her big day on camera – see the slide show here.

When you’re done oohing and aahing, check out the video of Greg Louganis with his agility competitors:

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