Tuesday Top Ten: Ways Your Dog Will Spend Thanksgiving

We all know Thursday is an important holiday (my favorite, in fact).  You may plan to eat until you can’t eat anymore, visit with family and old friends, or map out your early morning shopping extravaganza, but what will your dog be doing?

10.  Surfing the counters during dinner for scraps left behind

9.  Giving you that “sad puppy eye” look while you’re scraping the plates

8.  Trying to get those silly Indian feathers off of his head

7.  Digging through old doggies.com blog posts to find the one where it says sweet potatoes are good for dogs

6.  Competing in the “first one to the Barcalounger” Olympics to claim the best seat for football

5.  Helping your kids tackle the neighbors in the backyard football game

4.  Carrying his leash back and forth, trying to find someone who’s not too full to take him for a walk

3.  Trying to remind you that the newspapers on the floor are what he’s supposed to use, even though you were still looking through the ads

2.  Trying to look innocent, even with mashed potatoes caked on the end of his nose

1.  Thanking God that he lives in such a wonderful home with you

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Tuesday Top Ten: Ways Your Dog Will Spend Thanksgiving”

  1. Our setter will have the unfortunate task of helping us save energy & hot water by dutifully licking everyone’s plate clean after they are finished!!! It’s a tough job but someone has to do it! 🙂

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